Bungie terminates Halo and Destiny composer

Halo series composer Marty O'Donnell says he has been "terminated without cause" by Bungie.


Marty O'Donnell, the composer behind the Halo series and the upcoming Destiny, says he has been let go from Bungie. The studio itself later confirmed the termination and released a statement to wish him well.

In a post on his personal Twitter (via Polygon), O'Donnell said, "I'm saddened to say that Bungie's board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014."

Bungie subsequently issued its own statement on the official site.

“For more than a decade, Marty O’Donnell filled our worlds with unforgettable sounds and soundtracks, and left an indelible mark on our fans,” it reads. “Today, as friends, we say goodbye. We know that wherever his journey takes him, he will always have a bright and hopeful future. We wish him luck in all his future endeavors.”

O’Donnell has been working at Bungie since 2000, and was instrumental in creating music for the Halo series. His work will still be heard in Destiny, due out this year.

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    April 16, 2014 8:30 AM

    Steve Watts posted a new article, Bungie terminates Halo and Destiny composer.

    Halo series composer Marty O'Donnell says he has been "terminated without cause" by Bungie.

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      April 16, 2014 1:58 PM

      Damn, that's surprising I figured he'd be with them till he died.

    • reply
      April 16, 2014 2:10 PM

      The fuck? I'm super curious about the reason for this.

      • reply
        April 17, 2014 12:36 AM

        Seriously, why drop him? His compositions for Halo were iconic.

    • reply
      April 16, 2014 3:39 PM

      Well, Marty was awesome, I love his music. Their loss?

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      April 16, 2014 4:27 PM

      This upset me, then I realized the Bungie I loved and grew up with is long, long gone. They're a shell of their former selves.

      • reply
        April 16, 2014 8:50 PM

        he was one of the originals, though

        • reply
          April 20, 2014 5:30 PM

          Which just emphasizes my point. The Bungie of today has no qualms letting one of it's founders go. Add Staten, Griesmier, and a bunch of other Grizzled Ancients to that, and you have a Bungie that is barely recognizable from what it used to be.

    • reply
      April 16, 2014 5:29 PM

      Change it up and keep things fresh?

    • reply
      April 17, 2014 2:03 AM


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