Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars & Oreshika: three new JRPGs coming to Vita

Sony has announced three Japanese Vita RPGs that are coming to North America soon: Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines.


Sony has announced three Japanese Vita RPGs that are on their way to North America soon. The updated Soul Sacrifice Delta, action-RPG Freedom Wars, and more traditional RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are all on the way.

The one due soonest is Soul Sacrifice Delta, a revised version of the original game. It adds a new Grim faction, monsters, and some more missions revolving around classic fairy tales. The graphics engine has been revised as well, along with new weather effects, a refined spell system, and deeper character customization. It's coming May 13.

Freedom Wars revolves around a prison in which people are sentenced to one million years. You'll have to fight your way out, freeing civilians to shorten your own sentence. You can play up to four players ad hoc or eight players online as you make your way out.

Finally, Oreshika: follows a Japanese clan whose members have just a two-year lifespan. You go to lift the curse, and each generation of the clan builds on the power of the last one. The title in Japanese hauntingly translates to, "Go Forth Over My Dead Body."

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