Record Run is a free-to-play mobile game from Harmonix

Harmonix has announced Record Run, a free-to-play music-based runner that will import your own songs to create the levels.


Harmonix is juggling multiple projects, between Fantasia: Music Evolved and its ambitious first-person musical shooter Chroma. The studio announced another new project over the weekend at PAX East: a free-to-play music-based runner called Record Run.

Studio head Alex Rigopulos explained that the game will let you import your own music collection and use it to create a stage in which you jump and slide to the beat and collect vinyl records. It's set to release some time soon, for iOS and Android devices. It will be soft-launching in Australia and Canada, with a wide release to follow in May.

A brief demo reported by Polygon showed players picking from a few character types like a goth cheerleader or a punk rocker, and then running through a stage based on The Jackson 5's "ABC." Completing the stage unlocks more songs and the ability to challenge friends. If a friend doesn't have the song, they can be prompted to buy it. Missions like collecting a certain amount of points or records will provide a meta-goal, and it will feature leaderboards.

PR head John Drake said this will serve as "sort of a nice test case" for mobile and free-to-play.

[Image via Polygon.]

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