Titanfall update adding private matches, tons of balance changes

Titanfall is dropping a large update today, adding private matches alongside lots of usability tweaks, balance updates, and bug fixes.


Titanfall is getting a rather large update later today across all platforms. The big-ticket feature being added is private matches, but this is going to come alongside a host of usability changes, balance updates, and bug fixes.

According to some pretty extensive patch notes from Respawn, the private match feature will launch in beta. It will support 2-12 players, and you can play in any maps or modes. You can't get XP, challenges, or unlock achievements in private matches, and there is no "lobby leader" in private lobbies. More options will be coming in future updates.

The update will also bring a ton of other changes as well. The Xbox One version will get a Party App shortcut in the menu, and party colors have changed so that your parties will show up in green rather than the standard friendly-blue. Your auto-Titan will show up in gold on the obituary scroll to send a clearer signal of when it's in danger or taken down. The menu will now say "Play Multiplayer" instead of "Classic," and that option will be at the top by default if you've completed both story campaigns.

In terms of balance, the update will remove a wall-hack exploit that PC players were taking advantage of, and the Gooser challenge has been severely toned down to make it easier to complete. Those who already completed the harder version of Gooser will be recognized in some form in a future update. Various other changes are coming to weapon mag sizes and damage, and the way scoring is tabulated in both Hardpoint and CTF modes. The notes also mention a wide range of bug fixes, some ranging across the PC and Xbox One version, and others specific to each.

Looking ahead, Respawn says it will add more custom loadout slots, with some slots reserved for use in particular game modes. You'll also be able to rename the custom slots. Other changes include review options for challenges, more detailed scoreboard icons, and better support for 120h monitors.

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