NES Remix 2 introduces 'Championship Mode,' requires first NES Remix

NES Remix 2 will introduce a "Championship Mode" based on the 1990 Nintendo World Championship. It requires the first NES Remix to play, and challenges you to get a high cumulative score across three classic games.


NES Remix 2, the sequel to the classic mash-up that Nintendo stealth released in December, will feature a new mode based on a classic gaming event. The Championship Mode will give players a score challenge based on the 1990 "Nintendo World Championship."

Like the original World Championship, this mode will feature three games and task you with getting a high cumulative score. It will keep Super Mario Bros from the actual 1990 championship, but features Super Mario Bros 3 and Dr. Mario as the two other games. Nintendo notes that this will follow a similar model, but has revised the multiplier system. According to the announcement, you'll need the first NES Remix to play the mode in NES Remix 2. Once you've hit your high scores, you can post them on the Miiverse to compare with other players.

Like the first NES Remix, the sequel will feature a variety of classic games ranging from Kid Icarus to Metroid. Each will have its own set of challenges, along with remixes that alter the usual gameplay in some way. It's due April 25.

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