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Batman: Arkham Origins shows off Mr. Freeze DLC 'XE Suit'

WB Montreal has shown off a screenshot debuting the look of Batman's "XE Suit," a special cold-weather suit built for his encounter with Mr. Freeze in the upcoming DLC, "Cold Cold Heart."


All eyes on are on Batman: Arkham Knight since Rocksteady made its announcement, but we're actually set to get another trip through the Arkhamverse sooner than that. Batman: Arkham Origins will get its "Cold Cold Heart" downloadable content later this month, and the Dark Knight will be donning a special suit for the occasion.

An official tweet shows off the "XE Suit," which appears to protect him from the cold while imbuing his fists with red-hot knuckle dusters. WB Montreal previously mentioned the XE Suit in the initial announcement, as a specialized bit of gear that Alfred's been working on in his spare time. Cold Cold Heart focuses on Mr. Freeze, so of course Batman has a suit to deal with that exact scenario. It's set to hit on April 22.

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