Music action game Savant Ascent coming to PlayStation 4

D-Pad Studio has announced that its music-based action shooter Savant Ascent will be coming to PlayStation 4.


Indie game studio D-Pad has announced that its game, Savant Ascent, is coming to PlayStation 4. The action shooter stars Savant, a real-life electronic musician, as he fights through robots using his musical abilities. The character is modeled after his appearance on his fifth album cover.

According to the PlayStation.Blog, Savant's music will act as upgrades, and certain game elements will move to the beat. D-Pad says they didn't want to make it resemble a purely musical game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but instead simply incorporate the musical elements into the action. Players will also be able to unlock tracks, and added elements from future albums. Ultimately it hopes to add more soundtracks, and even tailor levels or modes to other albums.

It's already out for PC, and will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime soon. Check out a trailer.

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