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Infamous: Second Son will add five hours of content over the next few weeks

Infamous: Second Son has a day-one patch that, among various gameplay adjustments, also adds a series of missions to progressively unfold in conjunction with an online component.


Infamous: Second Son launches tomorrow, and as you might expect it will have a day-one patch to download. But aside from the usual balance adjustments, this one will also add a special set of side-missions to unfold in conjunction with website-based activities over the course of weeks, according to a Sony-provided reviewer's guide.

Titled "Paper Trail," the first mission will be available in the game from day one. Others are said to follow in the coming weeks, along with "web-based investigations" across viral sites modeled after support for one faction or another. Sucker Punch promises 19 story and web missions in all, totaling about five hours of play, but didn't detail how many of those are in-game versus online. Most of this still seems to be under wraps since it will be rolling out progressively, and though I played the first mission I haven't been able to sync it with the online profile yet.

"While we are not going to give away what it is all about, as it is still unfolding, we will tell you what is at the end of the rabbit hole is six weeks of weekly episodic game content that weaves in and out of the game giving you more gameplay and backstory on the world of Second Son," read the reviewer guide.

Our review found Second Son to be a solid and consistently gorgeous-looking sequel in the superpowered series, but found that the promise of different power sets was a little disappointing. It seems likely that the Paper Trail missions would end with Delsin gaining paper-based powers, since the first mission involves chasing a paper-powered character. A minor character also casually mentions paper among the abilities found at the D.U.P. prison camps.

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