Titanfall Burn Cards: a quick guide for newcomers

Titanfall has a huge amount of Burn Cards to use within the game, and we've got some suggestions on how to use them.

As you can see from our review, Titanfall provides plenty of multiplayer fun on Xbox One and PC. In addition to calling down Titans, you'll eventually be able to use a variety of Burn Cards. But what are Burn Cards? They're rewards that are provided by either leveling up to a certain number or completing Challenges in the game, such as killing a certain number of Minions or other goals. You'll see which rewards you're able to unlock following the results of each match. You can use up to three Burn Cards in a match, choosing which ones you want to use before you start or respawn. They're quite effective in some cases, but the effects are only temporary. Burn Cards live up to their name, and are one-and-done after you lose your life in a match. So make sure you use them effectively. In addition to challenges, you'll earn Burn Card packs once you reach level 25, 30, 40, 45 and 50, with random effects ranging from Adrenaline Transfusion to Spectre Camo. These can be kept for use at any time, but once you play them, make the most out of them. Here are five things you'll want to know regarding the Burn Cards:

Why wait for a Titan?

Bring on the Titans

Perhaps the most important cards you'll be able to use are the instant call cards, in which you can call in a Stryder, Ogre, or Atlas Titan without needing to pass the obligatory wait time. Just make sure you play the Spare Stryder, Reserve Ogre, or Atlas Refurb card on your upcoming turn, and enter the battle. The option to instantly call the Titan will be present. Just remember: once it's gone, you'll have to resort back to the original waiting time to get another.

Earning extra XP and reducing Build Time

If you want to get Titans quicker and earn some additional experience points in the same shot, use the Surplus Satchels, Think the Ranks, or Titan Salvage cards. Depending on whom you hit, you'll be able to stock up on XP and speed up the time it takes to snag a Titan. Urban Renewal works best on Spectres; Titan Salvage lets you earn extra damage on Titans (perfect for those who like to jump into action); and Thin the Ranks is perfect for those who like hunting down those useless Grunts. Just remember, you lose it after your current turn, so make the most out of it.

Back to the action

Returning to your death point

There are occasions where you'll die during a certain point of the mission, only to have to go back to your safe respawn point and run over there again. However, if you have a Rematch card, you'll be able to return to the exact point where you died. While this is helpful, you'll want to keep an eye open for any enemies that are around. If they're quick enough, they can take you out and kill you again--and you won't have the benefit of a respawn.

Taking advantage of the Double Agent and Map Hack

When it comes to clearing the playing field in Titanfall, you need every advantage that you can get. In this case, two Burn Cards really come in handy. The first is the Map Hack, and it enables a view of the entire map, rather than just the section that you're in. This will help you get back into the action quickly, although you still need to be prepared for any Titans that are stomping around. If you find the enemy overwhelming, you can always use a Double Agent card. By activating this, Turrets, Auto-Titans, grunts and Spectres will ignore you, making your job slightly easier. Just keep in mind, though, that real players will still try to take you down. You don't get off that easily.

Lock and load

Amping up your weapons

Finally, when it comes to getting a better weapon, you can use various Burn Cards to replace your primary, secondary, or Anti-Titan guns with a better model, albeit only for the turn. We recommend the following:
  • Amped Smart Pistol – this replaces your primary with a more lethal Smart Pistol Mk5, which is excellent for lock-on kills
  • Amped Kraber – if you're a sniper looking for some kick behind your weapon, this gives you a Kraber-AP Sniper that fires explosive rounds. It's a perfect weapon for picking off pesky snipers, and doing a little damage to Titans as well
  • Amped Archer – this replaces your Anti-Titan weapon with an Archer that fires powerful Titanhammer missiles. For those of you surrounded by enemy units, this will light them up very easily.
  • Massive Payload – finally, if you really want your Titan to go bang when it explodes, this increases the nuclear explosion it leaves behind. If you eject in time, you'll survive and watch the sparks fly.
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