Fable Legends may use Kinect for 'Villain Mode'

Fable Legends executive producer Geoff Smith says the studio is looking into ways to incorporate Kinect, and may use it as an alternate control mechanism for the "villain mode."


Fable Legends will use the Xbox One Kinect, Lionhead has revealed. But unlike Fable: The Journey, Kinect will only be a secondary control option for specialized situations, and the majority will rely on the main Xbox One controller.

"We're looking closely at the use of voice, especially potentially with the villain mode," executive producer Geoff Smith said in a community Q&A (via GameSpot). That mode, which is also accessible through SmartGlass, lets you order minions to attack heroes. But, Smith also noted that "all of those controls will be duplicated through the controller," which is remaining the "focus" of the game. Kinect and SmartGlass will both be optional.

Lionhead is planning a beta later this year, but no release date has been announced. It's planning a long lifespan with multiple seasons, so laying the groundwork may take a while.

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