Zynga announces new mobile versions of FarmVille, Poker, and Words with Friends

Zynga is introducing new mobile versions of three of its most popular Facebook games, as it attempts to gain a foothold on the mobile market.


Having suffered financial and personnel losses in the last year, Zynga is attempting to stake its claim on the mobile market. It is announced today that it will be bringing out mobile versions of its three most successful Facebook games: FarmVille, Words with Friends, and Zynga Poker.

A blog post (via VentureBeat) details the three games. FarmVille 2: Country Escape connects to the existing Facebook game, and gives you more options on how to connect with friends while also enabling an offline mode. Zynga Poker on mobile promises more "personalized" gameplay and quick performance. Words with Friends is getting fan-requested features like bigger player profile photos and an in-game dictionary.

Further details on FarmVille 2 come from a profile on VentureBeat. It's modeled after the Facebook version of FarmVille 2, but will focus more on being a mobile experience with a smaller seaside farm to compliment your larger Facebook farm. It will feature weather effects, and better animations for player and animal movement. It runs on Unity 3D, and will hit iOS, Android, and later Amazon Kindle. Game progress will be stored in the cloud so you can pick up your game across multiple devices.

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