Titanfall: Last Titan Standing video focuses on mech-on-mech combat

The rules of the game are rather straightforward: your team must destroy the opposing team's Titans before they destroy yours. Watch nearly 16 minutes of gameplay from this new game mode.


Attrition is likely going to be Titanfall's main attraction. That mode does a great job of highlighting the balance between pilots and mechs. However, players that want to instantly jump into the cockpit of a Titan will want to play another mode which will be available in the upcoming beta: Last Titan Standing.

The rules of the game are rather straightforward: your team must destroy the opposing team's Titans before they destroy yours.

Titanfall does offer a detailed tutorial breaking down how to play in a Titan. However, it's rather easy to pick up and play as many of the soldier controls carry over. Perhaps the biggest change is your approach to movement: instead of jumping or running on walls, you'll be able to dash. You'll be able to perform two dashes in succession before waiting for it to recharge. It's helpful in both offense and defense. A properly timed dash can help you avoid locked-on missiles and other projectiles, while you can also boost forward towards an enemy Titan and attempt to do a melee attack. (It's rather satisfying to melee a heavily damaged Titan and manage to grab and kill the pilot inside.)

One of the abilities you can equip on your Titan is the ability to stop oncoming projectiles and throw them back. Opponents can also deflect those reflected projectiles with the same power, leading to some interesting counters-of-counters. It's incredibly satisfying to unleash a barrage of fire on an enemy, and then immediately deflect their counter-fire.

Teamwork really matters in Last Titan Standing. Titans may have regenerative shields, but any health loss is permanent. That means inflicting damage to opponent mechs while their shields are down is crucial. It's incredibly easy to get overwhelmed--especially when out-numbered. By communicating with teammates, you'll be able to single out opponents and take them out one-by-one.

My Titan was equipped with a Damage Core which activates after a few minutes of play. By press down on the D-Pad, I was able to inflict increased damage, which can quickly change the tide of battle. It may be short-lived, but being able to cut through enemy shields is invaluable.

Even if your Titan gets destroyed, there's still a chance for your team to win the round. Once again, as a foot soldier, you can be quite effective against Titans. As the match continues, it becomes increasingly important to focus on foot soldiers. While they are largely cannon fodder in the early parts of a match, they can start overwhelming Titans with missile lock-ons and other anti-Titan equipment. Personally, I found it incredibly satisfying to eject out of my Titan while cloaked, switch to a homing missile, and take down my enemy while flying in the air.

Last Titan Standing helps showcase the titular mechs of the game, and proved to be my most-favorite mode in the beta. In one more video, we're going to show off a final mode from the beta: Hardpoint Domination.

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