Blizzard and TesPA team up for new college eSports program

The eSports Association is teaming up with Blizzard to offer a new way for college students to break into the professional eSports community.


A new program has been formed through a partnership between The eSports Association (TesPA) and Blizzard Entertainment to help college students break into the professional eSports community. The Membership Milestone Program offers local college-based gaming groups the chance to gain national recognition as well as other benefits such as event funding and sponsorship.

According to TesPA's official website, students looking to join the Membership Milestone Program must pay $10 a year and groups must be open to playing a variety of different games. A large number of U.S. colleges already host TesPA gaming groups through the Membership Milestone Program and students of nationally accredited colleges which don't already have a TesPA group can apply to form one.

Membership benefits grow as a group gains more members. Merely forming a group through TesPA unlocks perks such as a customized group t-shirt and a local group website but reaching milestones such as 40, 80, or even 100 registered members unlocks further benefits such as product sponsorship deals, social media support, a dedicated stream, and even exclusive in-game rewards for Blizzard games. Blizzard is also working to support local TesPA groups by providing guaranteed event funding and helping to promote local TesPA events.

Interested college gaming groups can head here to apply to TesPA's Membership Milestone Program.

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