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Original studio Toys for Bob heading up next Skylanders

Skylanders is getting another iteration this year, and it will be helmed by original creators Toys for Bob.


Skylanders is getting another iteration this year, and it will be headed up by the series' original creators. Developer Toys for Bob is taking the helm again, after Vicarious Visions took the lead for the most recent one, Skylanders Swap Force. This will mark the third (of four) Skylanders games from Toys for Bob, after it put out the original and then Skylanders Giants.

Activision mentioned the development studio during its quarterly earnings call. It should serve as no surprise that the company is planning another Skylanders this year. After all, the popular toy/game hybrid has been a major revenue generator and gotten yearly iterations since it was introduced in 2011.

But trading off to Vicarious Visions and then back to Toys for Bob sounds a lot like the alternating releases of Infinity Ward and Treyarch for Call of Duty, a cycle Activision recently gave word that it would be expanding with Sledgehammer added to the mix. An alternating release schedule would set up Skylanders games for the foreseeable future--though Vicarious Visions' debut effort with Swap Force is generally the best reviewed of the series.

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