Guild Wars 2 'Edge of the Mists' update out now

The Edge of the Mists content update is now live in Guild Wars 2.


The latest content update for ArenaNet's hit MMO Guild Wars 2 is now live. Included within the update are a number of new additions to the game's World vs. World mode as well as the latest development in the ongoing Scarlet Briar Living Story arc.

Fans of World vs. World, Guild Wars 2's dynamic and open cross-realm PvP mode, now have an entirely new map to explore and do battle in. The Edge of the Mists is now open to all players but before they get to slaughtering their fellow Tyrians, combatants will have to first deal with Scarlet Briar and her Aetherblade pirates who have also invaded the Edge of the Mists. The new map will act as an "overflow" map for WvW players, ensuring that, even while queued for one of the game's other WvW maps, they'll still be able to participate in WvW activities.

While venturing through the new Edge of the Mists map, players will be able to assist story characters Braham Eirsson and Taimi, both of whom have become stranded in the new region. Battling Scarlet's minions and collecting the scattered parts of Taimi's wrecked golem will allow players to earn new rewards such as achievements and WvW rank points. Back in Tyria proper, players can head over to the Dead End Bar in Divinity's Reach and help investigative team Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade piece together the rest of Scarlet's dastardly plan using artifacts from past Living World events.

Lastly, a number of new 'Lovestruck' weapon skins are available just in time for Valentine's day. They can be earned by trading in Black Lion chest claim tickets to weapon specialist vendors.

Full details on what the Edge of the Mists update includes are on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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