Weekend Confirmed 201 - Starbound, Rust, Lightning Returns

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 24, 2014 3:00pm PST

Jeff Cannata is preparing for his play's premiere on Friday night, so that leaves host Garnett Lee to lead Weekend Confirmed into Episode 201 with Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia playing the co-pilot role. They welcome in Sega Mobile's Ethan Einhorn and Area 5's (and former 1up Show alum) Matt Chandronait to break down what happened this week with everything involving Microsoft, EA, and Machinima, discussing how it could potentially affect an audience's perception of YouTube content providers. The talk then turns towards the world of mobile game development and how much of a brave new world it becomes for newcomers, especially those coming in from the media. The crew then recaps the Shacknews Best of 2013 (particularly Gone Home at #3 and the gradual backlash that's built across the online sphere towards The Fullbright Company's game) before jumping into the many possibilities presented by remote play through the Vita, the Wii U GamePad, and Nvidia's Shield. The show finishes up with a look back at Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and the lead-in to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII), Starbound, and Rust. The show wraps up with a fresh round of Finishing Moves, leading into next week's final episode from the Atlantis Group Studios.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 201: 01/24/2014

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  • Anyone else check out that I am Street Fighter doco on YouTube?

    It was the first I saw of it. When I get a few spare dollars I'm going to chip in to the kickstarter for the rest of their work.

    Hearing everybody's recollection of when they first saw/played Street Fighter got me nostalgic so I'll share mine and I'd like to hear yours too.

    Mine was in the early/mid 1990s, I was 11/12 I can't remember. My father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer (12 months to live) and quit work and took us all on an extravagant holiday to Queensland (Australia) for a month of waves and sunshine, courtesy of his generous redundancy package.

    At the bottom of the high-rise in which we were staying there was a fish and chip shop with a SF2 cabinet (the original release, no frills, World Warrior) and my brother and I were astonished! Over the month we spent as much time as we could at the take away joint and drained as many 20 cent coins from our parents as we could (a single game was usually 60 cents, $1 for 2 plays and $2 got you five credits). We'd take turns getting as far as we could, trying different fighters all the time to find the best one. I distinctly remember being let down by the fact that Dhalsim's stretchy limbs didn't give me the god-like power to win that I'd imagined. I settled on Ken.

    When we ran out of money we'd watch the two AI combatants go at it and marvel at the special moves we had no idea how to execute. It was a long time before I discovered how to do a fireball and it was years later before I saw someone beat all 8 fighters and fight the 4 bosses, but in the pre-internet age it was thrilling to have such mysteries to pursue.

    When I got my SNES it came with Street Fighter 2 and shortly after I got A Link to the Past and that's all I played, every day. Those games got me through the difficult years that followed my father's death. I rose to the top of the ranks to be the best SF2 player in my friend group at school, we'd have nerdy sleepovers with tournament ladders sketched on cardboard and I was never beaten. Eventually I became king of our local arcade. I was a god. I even managed to get the rare "You have mastered Ken" screen. And then one day I went to a tournament and discovered my pedigree. Hint: I got my ass handed to me repeatedly. I saw people play SF2 in a way I didn't know was possible. But still, I was the best in my little village.

    That began my life long love of SF2. And although I eventually became more fond of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter was my first love, it will always be extremely special to me.

  • On an MS/Surface combo pack and Surface game streaming, I don't see MS doing this simply because I doubt they'd sell many at $1,000 a pop (roughly the cost of both together). I think the smarter way to go would be an app that let's games stream on iOS and android devices, but MS seems intent on creating a walled garden like apple so I don't think this will happen. The smartest think Xbox could have ever done is be compatible with PC games, but alas they want to ignore GFW and promote their Xbox experience instead of merging the two. I also don't see a future in streaming content if data caps on ISPs come into play, that would shut down any streaming services really quick.

    If you'd ask me, steam is still the optimal model that solves both the backwards compatibility issue as well as the issue of making your library available across devices. Until Sony and MS catch on it will be Valve who eats their lunches and not the other way around.

  • I wish someone could describe to me what makes Gone Home innovative or important at all. I enjoyed the game. But I sincerely think calling it one of the best, most important games of the year, needs a little more justification than what's usually given.

    It can't be:

    A) The gameplay, because exploring an area to piece together the story from clues has been done before.
    B) The story, which has been told similarly or better in about a hundred preteen coming-of-age novels.

    And there's not much else to the game except its short length and the fact that the story is "different" from usual video game fare. Sure, I like that, but that's not going to make me think the game is one of the best of the year.