Blacklight Retribution PS4 beta will let you keep progress and purchases

Blacklight Retribution will let users retain their character progress and purchases, and even reset the real-game currency so you can buy more with it, according to Zombie Studios.


The currently running Blacklight Retribution beta will function more like a rolling launch for the full game. Zombie Studios has announced that progress and even purchases from the beta will transfer to the full game, though the launch date for the final version is still up in the air.

In a post on the PlayStation.Blog, Zombie announced that you won't lose your character progress, and you'll retain your purchases with both ZCoin (real currency) and GP (in-game currency). When the beta ends, you'll also get all your ZCoins refunded, so you can spend them again. That sounds like functionally, you'll be able to get double the purchases with real currency, as long as you buy before the beta ends.

"We here at Zombie Studios concur with your elation and feel this is a great way to give thanks to those Agents that have been helping us by playing and commenting on the Beta," the post states. "This will continue throughout the remainder of the Beta so jump in game, invite a friend, play, and enjoy Blacklight: Retribution on PS4."

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