Phrazzle is GameFly's second mobile game, lets you build phrases

GameFly Games just launched our second mobile game: Phrazzle for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and yes, Android!

Disclaimer: Shacknews is owned by GameFly. GameFly Games just launched our second mobile game: Phrazzle for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and yes, Android! Ah, the multiplatform goodness that is Unity. This time out, we delve into the simple yet addictive world of casual games. I hope that word, "casual," won't immediately disinterest you because I think there's a lot of fun to be had here (I guess you'd hope so considering I bought the game). Phrazzle lets you tap your inner Shakespeare, George Carlin, or whatever sort of whim might take you in a challenge to make the funniest phrase of the day. Phrazzle runs in a cycle that begins each day with a new topic and a three or four letter acronym. Your challenge is to fill in the blanks, completing the words the initials represent. So, for instance, the topic of the day might be Next Generation Gaming with the initials M W A C to which you submit "My Wallet Am Cry." Throughout the day you can come back to edit your phrase or create additional ones if new inspiration strikes. On the next day, in addition to a topic for a new phrase, you rank your submission against four others in the first round of the tournament that will crown the best phrase for that topic. The winners from these groups advance into the final two days of voting to crown the best phrase of the day.

Can you build the best phrase?

While the game itself comes down to a pretty straightforward design, getting here took us on quite a journey. Though only our second game, I took a plunge and started this project from just a design doc. I expected this to be a challenge but that it would give me invaluable insight into the full breadth of start to finish for the game. It certainly did both, though I'll be the first to say I had no idea just how much I'd bitten off when it started. Fortunately, in addition to the creative spark for the game from 47 Games' founder Ben Hoyt, we partnered up with Idol Minds to do the development production work. Together we worked through variation after variation of how to handle the submission data, structure the game, and keep fun at the top of the list. And now that work comes to fruition in the game that's out today. When Ben first pitched me on the game he brought up how games like Hero Academy made him feel guilty because though he could play them when he wanted, he felt like any time he got a move he needed to make a move. Phrazzle turns that equation around letting you play once a day if that's all you want or have time for. But at the same time I've found myself coming back several times during testing to tweak a phrase or enter another one hoping to up my chances to win. It's free-to-play, so I hope you'll give it a play and see what you think for yourself. Here are links to the game on the App Store and Google Play Store: Phrazzle on App Store Phrazzle on Google Play
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