StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void still finding right fit for Protoss

The Protoss-focused third installment of StarCraft 2, Legacy of the Void, hasn't been shown off yet because Blizzard is still working out the kinks of how to make the race seem properly powerful.


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will finish the planned trilogy of SC2 games, whenever it comes out. Blizzard was notably quiet about the third installment at BlizzCon last weekend, and game director Dustin Browder says that's because it still needs work. Apparently, the team is working to nail down the proper feeling of empowerment for the Protoss race.

"The missions are coming along," Browder told Warcry. "I'm pretty happy with the story, but the missions need some more work and the campaign mechanics--like how you progress as the Protoss--needs some more work before we are ready to show anything."

He said that the Protoss need to feel powerful, but not in the same way as the Zerg did in Heart of the Swarm.

"[Kerrigan] could make up more than half the strength of your army. You could solo some missions just with Kerrigan. That felt great for the goddess queen of the Zerg. But that's not what I want the Protoss to feel like," he said. "We want to get that feeling of 'We're the Protoss and we have technology that you haven't even dreamed of. We will literally turn you into a parking lot if you mess with us.' We want to get that sense of power without the focus on a single character. So we're still working on that."

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