Wii Sports Club may get packaged retail release

Wii Sports Club may become a retail title sometime in the future, according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.


Wii Sports Club represents a few different ways that Nintendo is embracing modern ideas. It's an HD remake and split into separate component sports, which are sold through the eShop as either 24-hour rentals or full sports. But the company might eventually go back to the old ways, as president Satoru Iwata admits it could someday be packaged together as a retail release.

In a lengthy response during an investor Q&A, Iwata talked about the strategy behind Wii Sports Club's rental model.

"We understand that there will be players who will play it almost every day just as they did with its predecessor, Wii Sports, while others will only play it when friends visit their home," he said. "We are now trying to increase the software's sales potential by offering two different options for the people who will play it occasionally and those who will play it frequently. I do not deny the possibility that Wii Sports Club may become packaged software in the future. However, for the future of Wii U, we have prioritized releasing tennis and bowling by the end of this year."

He didn't make clear exactly when the five other sports (baseball, boxing, and golf) would be offered, but it's likely those will be rolling out as we move into 2014. After that, devoted Wii Sports fans may be able to just get them all at once, on disc, like the old days.

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