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Pokemon X & Y hacker discovers unobtainable new creatures

A Pokemon X & Y hacker seems to have uncovered three as-yet undiscovered Pokemon likely to be given out as event creatures.

As a series built entirely around finding and capturing rare creatures, Pokemon is the perfect avenue for hidden secrets and surprises. If there's one thing the Internet is great at, though, it's ruining surprises before they're even gift-wrapped. A little digging into Pokemon X and Y seems to have uncovered some Pokemon that aren't otherwise accessible, likely to be given out during special events. As uncovered by the hacker Smealum and shown on Serebii, the Pokemon are numbers 719-721: Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa (above). He also found new Mega Evolutions called Latias and Latios. These are likely event Pokemon, to be given out similar to the current Torchic distribution. Keep in mind, of course, that since these are the product of a hacker, they're not officially confirmed.




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