Final Fantasy 14 free world transfers coming this week, upcoming events outlined

Square has announced that Final Fantasy 14 will let you switch worlds for free for a week starting tomorrow, and outlined a few of its upcoming events.


Final Fantasy XIV will let you hop servers for free this week, in a move that will make it easier for you to join your friends if you found yourselves separated. The free World Transfer service will begin tomorrow, and lasts until Monday, October 21. Square Enix also outlined a few of its upcoming events.

First up is that classic trope of MMOs, the holiday event. This Friday will kick off All Saints Wake, a fanciful Eorzea version of Halloween that lets you dress in costumes and take on a special quest. The plot rationale involves a magical circus troupe coming to town, and they'll be serving as the quest-givers. The Halloween-themed happenings last through November 1, and the blog provided some images of the spooky happenings.

Starting on November 14, the Lightning crossover event begins. Square also teased events to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy 11, and the first anniversary of (still unreleased in North America) Dragon Quest 10.

Finally, Square presented a new trailer over the weekend at New York Comic Con, showing off the Wolves Den PvP area. Timing for that expansion is still unannounced.

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