Batman: Arkham Origins adds Electrocutioner to villain checklist

Warner Bros debuted a new assassin for Batman: Arkham Origins at New York Comic Con: Electrocutioner.


The Arkham games have always been a who's who of Batman's rogue's gallery, but Batman: Arkham Origins has made a key part of the plot center around them. The Dark Knight has had a bounty put on his head from eight deadly assassins, and Warner Bros has now revealed the sixth villain out for Bat-blood: Electrocutioner.

The villain, whose real name is Lester Buchinsky, has an electrified suit that lets him stun or kill his enemies with powerful jolts. He first appeared in the 1990s, and has made off-and-on appearances against the Bat-family, including defeats from Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. He doesn't exactly sound like the most notable or threatening of Batman villains, but should be that perfect mix of semi-threatening but somewhat dull that you'd expect Bats to face off against in his early crime-fighting career.

Electrocutioner was revealed in a trailer at New York Comic Con over the weekend, recorded off-screen by CyberAceGaming.

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