Borderlands 2 kicking off 'Loot Hunt' promotion with $50,000 grand prize

Borderlands 2 is kicking off a "Loot Hunt" in-game event, with different targets available every day for a month. Each one you take down will be an entry in a sweepstakes with real prizes.


Gearbox is kicking off a Borderlands 2 "Loot Hunt" event, alongside a sweepstakes that offers real loot as a reward. Taking down a target every day between October 11 and November 7 grants you entries in the contest, which offers sponsored prizes and cash.

You'll have to head over to the contest site and sign in with your SHiFT account. Then, you can take on daily hunts for a total of 28 possible entries. The grand prize winner will get $50,000, while four others will get various cash prizes totaling another $50,000. Other prizes include a PlayStation Vita with an (eventual) copy of Borderlands 2 for the system, customized Borderlands 2 headsets, NVidia Shield with a custom paintjob, NVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti GFX cards, Borderlands 2 GOTY edition strategy guides, and a lifetime supply of all past, present, and future 2K games on Steam.

Not coincidentally, this is coming just near the launch of the Game of the Year Edition, which includes the game and most of the downloadable content. The announcement is sure to mention that you can pick up the GOTY edition and take your chances alongside everyone else, of course.

"More than a year after the launch of Borderlands 2, hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide continue to shoot-and-loot on Pandora," said 2K senior VP of marketing Sarah Anderson, in the announcement. "We wanted to find a creative and exciting way to thank them, and the millions of Borderlands fans that make this franchise what it is."

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