Arma Tactics now on iOS, non-Tegra Android tablets

Arma Tactics, previously only on Tegra Android tablets, is now available for both iOS and non-Tegra Android devices.


Following the recent launch of Arma Tactics on certain Android tablets, Bohemia Interactive has expanded the player base with a new platform and expanded support on Android. It's now available for both iOS devices and non-Tegra Android devices.

You can find it on both the App Store and Google Play for $4.99. It has been available on Android for quite a while under the THD version name, and helped launch Nvidia's Project Shield. But Droid Gamer reports that the new version supports non-Tegra Android tablets. Both are still available on the Google store, though, so be sure you grab the right one.

Arma Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, in which you take control of a special forces team. Enemies range from local militia to skilled mercs, so you'll have to choose whether to take a stealthy or more bombastic approach to each situation.

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