XSEED bringing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC to North America

XSEED has announced that it will be bringing the Japanese series Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky to North America, starting this winter.


XSEED has announced that will be bringing the 2004 Japanese RPG series Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky to North America. The first game, previously only released on PSP in 2011, will come to PC this winter. After that, Trails in the Sky SC, which has never come stateside will hit PC and PSP (and naturally compatible with Vita) in 2014.

Trails in the Sky SC takes place immediately after the original Trails in the Sky. All combined, the pair promise hundreds of hours of playtime in a world that is directly impacted by your decisions. Localization company Carpe Fulgur will be handling the translation, while XSEED takes on publishing duties.

"We are pleased to finally give the fans what they have been requesting so fervently for over two years," said XSEED executive VP Ken Berry, in the announcement. "There's been a constant demand ever since we released the original The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and we are extremely grateful for our partnership with the passionate localizers at Carpe Fulgur to finally make it a reality."

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