Wasteland Kings is next game from Ridiculous Fishing studio

Vlambeer has detailed its next game, Wasteland Kings, a roguelike shooter that began as a Mojam 2013 project.


Wasteland Kings is the next game from Ridiculous Fishing studio Vlambeer. What began as a project during the two-day charity game jam Mojam 2013 has since become its next official project--and an extremely self-referential one, at that.

"Wasteland Kings is not so much a game as it is a tribute, our tribute, to Vlambeer," the dev's Rami Ismail told Polygon. "It's a game that exists because of all the stuff we've made in the past three years."

Ismail said that as it expanded on the Mojam prototype, a roguelike pixel-art shooter, it started slipping in pieces from its previous games. "We just suddenly started seeing, like, all these things we had learned from previous games just returning there," he said. Those referential hooks made it "the logical result of three years of Vlambeer."

For example, the random mutations and tech trees aren't necessarily useful, requiring a solid grasp on the mechanics like Super Create Box. Similar to Ridiculous Fishing, it has its own underlying lore. And like Luftrausers (so far unreleased), it features customizable abilities. All of those together gives a "happy feeling," putting a nice bow on Vlambeer's (sometimes rocky) history.

Ismail also mentioned that the studio likes to keep its development transparent, and so it will be hosting regular livestreamed events to show off the development progress.

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