New PS3 music visualizer based on PixelJunk 4am

Q-Games is releasing a PlayStation 3 music visualizer app next week, based on the visualizers in Pixeljunk 4am.


PlayStation 3 is getting a new standalone music visualizer app, appropriately named "Visualizer." Developed by PixelJunk[s Q-Games, it will be available on Tuesday, and will launch for $2.99.

The set includes 24 music visualizers from the PlayStation the Move game Pixeljunk 4am. However, not everyone has a Move controller, so the studio decided to release it as a separate app.

You can loop the visualizations, randomize them, or cycle through the full library as your music progresses. According to the PlayStation.Blog, the launch price is only available for two weeks. It will be $4.99 from that point on.

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