Weekend Confirmed 174 - World of Tanks, Rayman Legends

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 19, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata has ventured to the land down under, leaving host Garnett Lee to brave the days of summer with Shacknews' Andrew Yoon, "Indie" Jeff Mattas, and Double Jump's Christian Spicer. They begin the show by looking back at the days of Counter-Strike and whether that kind of multiplayer magic can ever be recaptured, before briefly jumping back into World of Tanks. That leads into talk of everyone's Steam Summer Sale bounty and whether Steam's annual sale can compare to the free offerings from PlayStation Plus. Your questions from last week's show thread are also answered and Andrew catches you up on the latest in games before everyone sends you off into this Comic-Con/PAX Australia weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 174: 7/19/2013

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  • One of the reasons I listen to Weekend Confirmed is because Garnett realizes that real racing does not involve plumbers driving go carts while shooting at your opponents. Grid 2 came out in early June from my favorite developer of racing games Codemasters and I would love to hear some discussion about it. Like all sim racing fans know, the Codies are reknown for nailing just the right level of competition in their racing games like the TOCA Race Driver series and the Dirt series. Keep up the good work and I'll be listening for a discussion.

    Charles C.
    PSN ID: colscharles

  • The Mass Effect Anime is pretty great in my opinion. I thought the crazy choice that Freddy Prinze was forced to make made the show way more interesting then just your common action anime. Not sure what Andrew would offer up as superior but I'll offer up some awesome recent stuff you can find streaming. I know we are off topic but whatever.

    Devil is a Part Timer: The devil comes to our world fleeing a Holy Hero. He finds no magic in our world and is forced to get a part time job at MgRonalds to support himself and his evil minions.

    Valvrave the LIberator: From the people that made some gundam stuff. Another giant robo anime only this one features a dyson sphere. Also child soldiers, murder, rape, and trans-humanism. Your standard gundam fare...../sarc

    Attack on Titan: Shits fucked up. Giant eating everyone.

  • Thank you, Christian for pretty much everything you said this week, especially the stuff about Bioshock Infinite. The issues you have with the game are not the same as mine, mine is more that unlike Plasmids in Bioshock, Vigors have no logical explanation for being in this game other than they wanted to include Plasmids in the game and that there are giant plot holes explaining the link between Booker and Comstock.

    The Last of Us may not be the best game I've ever played or the best game this gen (Uncharted 2 for me) and or the best game I've played this year (Tomb Raider) but it is fantastic and certainly better in every conceivable way than Bioshock Infinite which I also liked, but didn't love.

  • I'm wondering what we can do to better support both the publisher's and still have used games as an option this gen. I'm assuming this idea has been thrown out, but it cant't hurt to throw it out again.

    Here's the pitch:
    New releases cannot be sold as used or rented for the first three months of release, similar to new releases in the theaters. After that time, Used games and rentals are allowed. But at the same time the publishers drop the price by $10 and proactively make Gamestop have to go lower to get buyers to buy the used game.

    I know this would make me buy more new games because if I want to play The Last of us right away, I have to buy it at full price, rather than just rent it or wait two weeks to buy it used.