Nordic Games describes early plans for Darksiders, Red Faction

Nordic Games has outlined its preliminary plans and hopes for the various THQ properties it recently picked up, including Darksiders, Red Faction, and Titan Quest.


Nordic Games' acquisition of THQ franchises like Darksiders and Red Faction came as a surprise, partly because of the company's relative obscurity. Some time has passed now, though, and the publisher has started to talk about what it plans to do with those properties.

Nordic's product development manager Reinhard Pollice told Joystiq that the company is watching the communities closely to gauge interest. Probably unsurprisingly, the games getting the most buzz are Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, Red Faction, and Titan Quest. Nordic isn't itself a developer, though, and doesn't have the funds itself to publish a AAA title. It's currently seeking partners, both for development and co-publishing arrangements.

Pollice mentioned that they've talked to former Darksiders team members, but some have moved onto other jobs or went to Crytek. He cautioned that a Darksiders sequel would not come for a long time, two years at the soonest. But they do hope to be ready to announce plans in time for Gamescom.

He did mention that they could probably handle MX vs. ATV on their own, and that they've been talking to European teams about Titan Quest. Red Faction is up in the air, as they would need to figure out a proper direction for the game.

The plans are still in flux, but he concluded with an open offer to former THQ developers. "We'd also love to make contact with former developers on these games. So, everyone who worked on one of these games get in touch with us. Obviously those guys have great experience in doing those games. They spent a lot of time and passion on creating that. Ideally, we'd like to team up with those former developers."

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