Portal 2 getting free PlayStation Move co-op DLC

The PlayStation 3 is getting another piece of Move-enabled Portal 2 DLC, this time centered around co-op. It's a free update for owners of the "In Motion" pack, and both the game and DLC are on sale.


You might reasonably think that two years after the release of Portal 2, downloadable content for the game had run its course. You'd be wrong, though, as Sixense is releasing an additional co-op pack today made specifically to work with the Move controller.

According to the PlayStation.Blog, the "Non-Emotional Manipulation" campaign riffs on the motion mechanics introduced in the In Motion campaign, which was itself a PS3 port from the PC Sixense campaign. This one will be playable split-screen or online, and even cross-platform with the PC version's motion-pack. It's being delivered as a patch to the In Motion DLC, so if you own it already you'll get it at no extra charge.

If you don't own Portal 2 or In Motion, you can purchase both the game and DLC at a discount. Both are 20% off, or 40% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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