Grid 2 sets world record for most expensive Special Edition

Grid 2 has set the Guinness World Record for the most expensive special edition of a video game, with a $190,000 version that includes an actual race car.


Most video game special editions range around $100-200 on the high end. Grid 2 developer Codemasters has decided not only to outdo that figure, but to blow it away with a world record that is unlikely to be topped anytime soon. The Grid 2 "Mono Edition," which only goes to a single customer, costs a cool $190,000.

So what do you get for a price tag that could otherwise be put towards a house? The edition includes the game with special packaging, a PlayStation 3 to play it on, a BAC Mono supercar specially outfitted with Grid 2 livery (pictured above), and full set of Grid 2 and BAC branded racing gear including a helmet, suit, boots, and gloves -- all tailored to your size, of course. You also get a day at the BAC factory, including a tour and time with technicians to customize your ride. So basically, you're buying a car that includes a racing game, more than the other way around.

For obvious reasons, this wins Codemasters the Guinness World Record for the absurdly specific category, "Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available - Special Edition." The record has been shortlisted for placement in the next Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.

The Mono edition is available for pre-order, but the site claims it's currently out of stock. Either that's in error, or someone already bought it. That would mean that out there, somewhere, is someone who needs less than 24 hours of thought to drop 200 grand, and that my friends is just amazing.

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