Microsoft considering 1 vs. 100-style game for Xbox One

Microsoft's Phil Spencer says the team learned a lot of lessons from 1 vs. 100, and that style of game "lends itself" to the Xbox One's focus on "community and interactivity."


Microsoft pulled the plug on 1 vs. 100 back in 2010, but fans of the defunct online game show hybrid have been vocal about missing it. Phil Spencer hasn't promised to bring it back specifically, but says that type of game is something they'd like to explore more in the future with Xbox One.

Phil Spencer told OXM they got "a ton of learning around 1 vs. 100. What does it mean to bring hundreds of thousands of people together in a virtual game environment and have them play with each other and give away real prizes? I think that's a category that lends itself to our kind of community and interactivity. Probably not at launch, we'll see how our timelines go."

There you go, 1 vs. 100 fans. Sometime after launch you can probably face off against the Xbox Live community for real prizes again, albeit without the trappings of a TV show hosted by Bob Saget.

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