Players say SimCity 2.0 patch introduces new bugs

The SimCity 2.0 patch seems to have introduced some new bugs of its own, according to users.


SimCity recently updated with its 2.0 patch, the so-called "first significant update" made to the game since its launch. It brought a few new features alongside a long list of bug fixes, as is prone to happen in these situations, it also apparently introduced some new bugs of its own.

Reports across Reddit and the EA forums (via Polygon) detail some of the issues. The most common bugs include sewage overloads, magnified pollution, cities become overloaded with taxis, production slowness in Cheetah Mode, road textures disappearing, firetrucks failing to put out fires, and noises coming from random objects. Players have also reported having their cities revert to old saves.

Shacknews has contacted EA and will update as more information becomes available.

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