Sly Collection rated for Vita

The Sly Collection has been rated for the Vita by the ESRB, just like the recently confirmed Jak Collection.


Sly Cooper appears to be making another trip onto Sony's handheld. The Sly Collection was released on the PlayStation 3 in 2010, and served to prove Sanzaru's Cooper bona fides before they developed this year's Thieves in Time. The game has now been rated for Vita as well.

The ESRB (via CVG) rated the game for Vita, calling it a collection of action-adventure games. This is similar to how word first leaked of the Jak Collection on Vita, which was confirmed by Sony on Friday.

The Sly Collection included the three original PlayStation 2 games: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Band of Thieves, and Honor Among Thieves. It also featured a teaser for Sly 4, before it had been publicly announced. Sly 4 left off with its own cliffhanger that could be continued into another game, so maybe Sanzaru will take the opportunity to drop more hints in the Vita version.

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