Black Ops 2 'Mob of the Dead' trailer is Goodfellas with zombies

A new trailer for the "Mob of the Dead" map in the upcoming Black Ops 2 "Uprising" DLC plays close to mafia movie references.


When we heard that the Uprising for Black Ops 2 would feature mob movie icons fighting zombies in Alcatraz prison, that it would be paying homage to mafia classics. With a new trailer, Activision is showing just how on-the-nose the so-called "Mob of the Dead" can be with its referential cheek.

The trailer for the game has Ray Liotta's character, Billy Handsome, walking us through each of the main cast members one by one. It's the infamous scene from Goodfellas, if that movie took place in Alcatraz and was directed by George Romero. All that's missing is Jimmy Two Times, which is a shame because we'd like to hear him say he'll "kill some zombies, kill some zombies."

We also get bits of gameplay footage, plenty of cutscenes, and a look at some of the zombie hordes native to the prison island. Uprising is coming to Xbox 360 on April 16, with PC and PS3 versions likely to follow about a month later.

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