Papo & Yo developer's next game is Silent Enemy

Papo y Yo developer Minority has revealed plans for its next game, a metaphor on bullying called Silent Enemy.


Papo & Yo was a game that took the issues of child abuse and substance addiction head-on. For his next game, creator Vander Caballero is exploring another difficult aspect many children have to deal with: bullying.

Digital Trends reports that the upcoming game, Silent Enemy, is about a child (The Boy) living in an endless winter. A group of "crows," bullies with crow face masks, hold the scant resources for themselves. The Boy attempts to find spirits of springtime so he can keep the seasons turning.

Silent Enemy is aiming for release on touchscreen devices and the OUYA console. You'll solve puzzles by tracing lines to guide the spirits of spring, and they can be used to melt ice. The Boy can also possess animals like rabbits and wolves, who can reach areas he can't by himself.

Minority is still hashing out the mechanics, especially as it relates to the crows. They've determined that you can't beat them up, but you can't avoid them either. At some point, The Boy has to confront them.

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