Mojang's Scrolls launching in beta next month

Scrolls will launch in beta next month at a discounted price, following the same progressive pricing structure of Minecraft.


Mojang's next game Scrolls is set to launch in beta in late April, following the same iterative development cycle as Minecraft. The company will sell it at a discounted rate during the beta period, and then work towards making improvements based on community feedback.

Co-founder and designer Jakob Porser explained the release to Polygon, but didn't give specific release details or pricing. He did, however, say it would be set at a similar price to Minecraft, which originally sold for 10 euros, then progressively ticked up to 15 and finally 20. In US dollars, that's approximately $13, $19, and $25, respectively.

Scrolls is aiming for a release on PC first, followed by Mac and possibly Linux. Mojang is considering letting players pay for cosmetic items or deeper stat tracking, but Porser said he wants to to keep the core experience "as far away from monetization as possible."

As far as being compared to Minecraft's breakout success, Porser seems unconcerned. "The way we approach it is this is the game we wanted to make," he said. "We realize it's a narrow genre compared to what Minecraft has become. I have no expectation that Scrolls is going to sell way beyond Minecraft, absolutely not. What I would like is for the game to find a core, a bunch of players that actively love the game. The beautiful thing with Mojang and the success of Minecraft is that we really don't have that pressure, that every game has to sell x amount of copies or we're going to go bankrupt. So we're in a good position that we can experiment and try some of the stuff that we want to do and we are going to do that."

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