Merc Elite is Bigpoint's free-to-play military MOBA for browsers

Bigpoint is working on a military-themed MOBA that goes after the Call of Duty and Battlefield crowd.

Bigpoint has cornered quite a niche for itself, having worked on dozens of browser games that launch via Unity's web plug-in. Best known for Battlestar Galactica Online and Gameglobe, the German company is aiming for their biggest release yet: a military-themed MOBA that goes after the Call of Duty and Battlefield crowd. While Bigpoint would never specifically namedrop either of those games, Walter Lorenz, head of product marketing at the company, told me that the fantasy gamer was "well served" by the MOBA offerings already on the market. But what about gamers that may be turned off by that setting? Like many of its games, Merc Elite is a free-to-play browser game that aims to reduce the barriers of entry as low as possible. Given the military setting, the gameplay is relatively approachable as well: click to move, and aim where you want to shoot bullets. Things will get more tactical as you progress through the game and learn to coordinate with your teammates. Merc Elite supports 5v5 battles, as you try to gain control of contested battlegrounds. There are five main classes, with alternate load-outs within each, and they offer many of the abilities you'd come to expect from a game like this: a heavy type, stealth type, recon type, etc. With the gameplay centered around moving your units around cover tactically, it is reminiscent of XCOM--albeit in real-time. Of course, being a free-to-play game means that it will have microtransactions, and Bigpoint is exploring pretty much every method of monetization: from special characters a la LoL and consumable special weapons a la Dust 514. Merc Elite will be available via browser this summer.

You should probably take cover

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