'Edith Finch' is next game from Unfinished Swan dev

The Unfinished Swan developer has announced their next game: the mysterious "Edith Finch."


When partnering up with Santa Monica-based indie dev Giant Sparrow, Sony signed a three-game deal not unlike the one inked with thatgamecompany. The Unfinished Swan, the studio's first game, proved to be an interesting--albeit not quite polished--experience. Today, the studio has announced their next game: the mysterious "Edith Finch."

On their official blog, Giant Sparrow says that "we're still in a very early phase" on the new game, adding that "our last game took us a little over 3 years to make."

According to Wikipedia, Edith Finch Russell was a published "instructor of English literature at Bryn Mawr." While it's unlikely the game will be about such an obscure author, we also wouldn't be exactly surprised given the odd inspirations behind The Unfinished Swan.

There's no other details on the game, other than this piece of art for the game. No release date or platforms have been announced, but given their Sony contract, expect it to land on either PlayStation 4 or Vita.

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