Former WayForward staff forms Yacht Club Games

by Steve Watts, Mar 07, 2013 5:00pm PST
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WayForward has carved out a name for itself with charming retro throwbacks. Sean Velasco, the director of various WayForward games like A Boy and His Blob and assistant director of Contra 4, has formed a new studio with some other various former staff members. The developer calls itself "Yacht Club."

Yacht Club hasn't announced its first game, but teased something with a set of pixelated silhouettes (above) on its Twitter and Facebook pages (via Destructoid). The official site claims it was formed in 2011, so it's apparently been quietly waiting to make a splash. The studio is teasing a presence at PAX East in a few weeks, so we'll probably no more about what it has to offer then.


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