Dyad heading to PC, Mac, and Linux, aiming for March release

Dyad is coming to Steam and targeting a March release. Creator Shawn McGrath says he is hoping to release the PC, Mac, and Linux versions simultaneously.


The psychedelic PlayStation 3 game Dyad is making the trip to Steam, and aiming to release in March. It will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game was accidentally discovered on a Steam database, which forced creator McGarth to announce the ports prematurely. "This was a rather interesting thing that happened," McGrath told Joystiq. "I didn't plan on announcing Dyad on Steam yet, but what can I do now?" While March is its target date, McGrath says "who knows when it'll actually come out?" He also noted he'd like to release all three versions simultaneously, but the PC version might come first. The ports will be based on the PlayStation 3 version that received critical praise last year.

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