Late Night Computing: January 30, 2013

Happy Wednesday, Shackers. It's January 30, 2013 with Late Night Computing.


Happy Wednesday, Shackers. It's January 30, 2013 with Late Night Computing.

The different unlockable game modes for Dead Space 3 are pretty interesting. A single life for the entire game, especially. Having a limited number of saves is one thing. One life, though? That sounds like a mode made for masochists. Provided the game is longer than ten hours, of course. Sign me up! I'll see your challenge defeated, Visceral.

News bits:

  • Research in Motion (RIM) rebrands itself BlackBerry, and releases the first official BlackBerry 10 units including the Z10. [via The Verge]

  • A federal judge rules that Samsung's infringement on Apple's patents was not "willful" in nature. [via ArsTechnica]

  • Speaking of patents, Apple is granted a trademark for the layout of its retail stores. [via Yahoo!]

  • As the debate over gun control continues, a Department of Homeland Security analysis of mass killings since 1999 reveals an archetype of the perpetrators. [via Wired]

  • The Disney Animation Studios presents the full animated short Paperman, for free. [via Youtube]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "What office stereotype are you, and why? Are you the Golden Child? The Storyteller? The Lunchtime Nailclipper? I think I'm the Prankster. I take great joy in messing with people and making them laugh during the workday. Leave your computer unlocked? My Little Pony wallpaper. Leave your phone unlocked? Phrases like "the" turn into "headrush is king". I also love to slowly rise over cube walls so that just the top of my head and eyes show, staring until the person freaks out." [by Head Rush]

  • "Can we do some Book Recommendations? I like scifi/fantasy, and I read a lot. I have read almost every major series, and most major authors. I won't go into detail, but my favorite books are The Name of the Wind, Ender's Game, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Are there some lesser known series I should be looking at?" [by Cottc Cid]

Nightly file:

    Wizardry Online client downloader 1.0. "Wizardry Online is the most hardcore fantasy MMO ever created. The difficulty level is insane. The dungeons are brutal. There is no auto-healing. You will earn your levels. Your crimes taint your soul. Your allies could betray you at any moment. And when you die, you die forever. Are you ready for the challenge? " Download the client here.


Neverwinter Founder's Pack trailer:

See the exclusive content coming to the Founder's Pack for those who decide to pony up a bit of cash for Neverwinter.

The Warframe beta gets its sixth update with a new trailer, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance shows off its High-Frequency Blades, MLB 13: The Show discusses the changes to its hitting mechanics, Antichamber launches with a new trailer, Crysis 3 releases its fifth feature episode, and Hawken prances about in its PhysX trailer.

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