Late Night Computing: January 28, 2013

Hey look, it's another Monday. Oh, goodie! January 28, 2013 ends it with Late Night Computing.


Hey look, it's another Monday. Oh, goodie! January 28, 2013 ends it with Late Night Computing.

Alright, I surrender. I'm terrible at programming. The more I try to understand it, the more confused I wind up. Looks like there's a reason I didn't pursue Computer Science as a career! Besides my inability to handle simple math. It could be I just can't learn from a book. Who knows.

News bits:

  • Hollywood, having run out of fresh ideas several years ago, has 111 movie sequels under development. [via Den of Geek]

  • The Pentagon expands its US Cyber Command staff to 4,900 members to defend against next-generation digital warfare. [via BBC]

  • The MIT Technology Review explores what the startup community is doing to help combat the spread of the flu. [via MIT Technology Review]

  • Research In Motion (RIM) gears up for the Wednesday BlackBerry 10 reveal by announcing the new Unified Multimedia Storefront for music and video. [via Research In Motion]

  • Make sure you get your sleep, or you'll wind up with a terrible memory according to new University of California, Berkeley, research. [via University of California, Berkeley]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "XCOM:Enemy Unknown. This has to be one of the most arbitrarily fun/irritating games I have played in years. Was the lead designer mainlining mescaline during development? I can't imagine any other reason why someone would sign off on stupid dice rolls deciding hits in utter spite of the game's cover mechanics. Shackpeoples, please tell me how I how to play game!" [by elocanth]

  • "Sim City 5. Can anyone give me a rundown of how the gameplay was this weekend? I don't give a crap about connection issues. How was the core gameplay?" [by conandan]

Nightly file:

    The Last Phoenix demo 1.0. "The Last Phoenix is an aerial melee combat game that puts the player in control of a majestic fire-bird, tasked with restoring the world from the monstrous carrion-bird bent on reducing it to horrid decay. With the power to restore the world as it flies, the phoenix can regenerate plant-life and return the ruined civilization to vibrant colour. As it is beset by Crows and Carrion, the Phoenix can dash, slash and shred enemies apart in order to restore the Gaia Nodes that have fallen into decay." Download the demo here.


Sins of a Dark Age gameplay trailer:

Sins of a Dark Age developer Ironclad Games, responsible for Sins of a Solar Empire, shows off its first in-game footage.

Publishers decide to start off the week with something of a media blast, with Warface showing its closed beta trailer, Crysis 3 taking the dais for a short multiplayer tutorial, the seventh full Spartan Ops cinematic for Halo 4, a Cities in Motion 2 teaser trailer, the launch trailer for the Hitman HD Trilogy, and the Collector's Edition trailer for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist.

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