Dead or Alive 5 returns to Zack Island in 1.03 patch

Dead or Alive 5 is preparing its 1.03 update, which will introduce a host of new moves and balance adjustments, along with a new "Zack Island" stage.


Zack Island, the pervy destination of Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, is making a comeback. Boot up Dead or Alive 5 on January 29th to get the 1.03 title update, and you'll find this new stage added to the game.

The new "Zack Island" stage offers strategic "slip zones" for your girls to fall on, and the trees will sometimes drop coconuts on your noggin like you're fighting in an episode of Gilligan's Island. The update will also add balance adjustments, new moves for various characters, improvements to the online play and movie uploads, and general tweaks in response to player feedback. A full accounting of the patch for you serious tourney players can be found at the official site.

Of course, the return to Zack Island provides DOA5 yet another excuse to add three new downloadable (sigh) swimsuit packs. The unabashedly-named "Hotties Swimwear Packs" feature different sets of virtual ladies in skimpy outfits. They cost $4.99 apiece or $12.99 for the set.

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