Late Night Computing: January 16, 2013

Late Night Computing for January 16, 2013 laments the final release of MechWarrior: Living Legends.


Late Night Computing for January 16, 2013 laments the final release of MechWarrior: Living Legends.

It's a sad, sad day in the modding world. MechWarrior: Living Legends is sadly discontinuing development as of public release 0.7.0. A mod for Crysis Wars, Living Legends was, for a time, the last great hope for mech pilots everywhere. With the arrival of MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics, both of which are great games, it was only a matter of time. Still, it's a shame since at its core, Living Legends is truer to the original MechWarrior games than anything I've seen from Piranha Games. Godspeed Wandering Samurai Studios, and thank you for your hard work!

News bits:

  • Spend a year with President Obama and the official White House photographer, through thick and thin, in this 2012 scrapbook. [via WhiteHouse]

  • As if you needed another reason to banish Java from your system, a new exploit can be purchased for a mere $5000 after a somewhat lax Oracle update. [via ArsTechnica]

  • This 9-year old is the youngest Microsoft certified specialist. What did you do today? [via VentureBeat]

  • Lifehacker examines the psychology behind business card designs. Is that Bone? [via Lifehacker]

  • MIT's Technology Review heads to the 2013 Detroit Auto Show for a first hand look at innovation in automobile design. [via MIT Technology Review]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "What is a game with a fantastic story? What game has great storytelling? I was invited to talk about these topics on a gaming podcast and I'm having a hard time to come up with something..." [by Snipergen]

  • "I suck at Dark Souls. I've been killed by the same skeletons about 30 times now." [by zipr]

Nightly file:

  • MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.7.0 final for Crysis Wars 1.5. "MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) is a total conversion modification for Crysis Wars. MWLL is at its very core a mix between a First Person Shooter (FPS) and a Simulation (SIM). This will be achieved through the use of a mixed arms massively multiplayer gaming experience where the player takes part in a battle using a variety of vehicles and weapons. MWLL is using the concepts pioneered by the “Battlefield” franchise and more recently Crysis, of a sandbox feel where you get to play what you want and how you want it. MWLL depicts the epic struggles between the two factions of Battletech “The Clans” and “The Inner Sphere”. Maps will typically have a mix of vehicles and infantry combat, using both of these to complete objectives as a team will be essential to winning rounds or campaigns in MWLL. In the project we will be bringing some of the legends of “MechWarrior” franchise back to life with new art and animations that do justice to these huge weapons of war and also do something that’s never be done before using the deep universe of Battletech. There are so many facets to Battletech and finally comes a title that is willing to explore them." Download the full mod including the 0.7.0 update here, or the 0.7.0 patch only here.


Forza Horizon Honda pack trailer:

Forza Horizon gets a brand new set of vehicles with the Honda DLC pack.

Deadpool gets saucy with some new screenshots, and World of Tanks introduces some Chinese tanks.

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