Late Night Computing: January 15, 2013

In which Late Night Computing for January 15, 2013 discusses the relevance of Tuesday's existence.


In which Late Night Computing for January 15, 2013 discusses the relevance of Tuesday's existence.

It's Tuesday. Kind of a stupid day, don't you think? It's still the beginning of the week, and the weekend isn't close enough to really look forward to. The only thing to anticipate is Wednesday. And what's Wednesday? The middle of the week? It's just another day is what it is! This time of year drags on and on with relatively few game releases, too, so that makes it even worse! Tuesday should just not exist. We have Monday, then skip right to Wednesday and have a three day weekend two days later. Sound good?

News bits:

  • NASA contracts Bigelow Aerospace to build an expanding module for the International Space Station, increasing the labs size by 300%. [via ArsTechnica]

  • A hungover journalist covers Panasonic's Toughpad press conference, leading to this rather hilarious preview. [via LookRobot]

  • Facebook reveals its much-anticipated search engine. Learn more about its development history and why the company believes it can challenge Google in this lengthy deep dive. [via Wired]

  • Find out just how much the Internet knows about you, for better or worse, and what you can do about it. [via MakeUsOf]

  • Take a look at the 2012 financial strength of the video game industry as new consoles come to the market this year. [via VentureBeat]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "DOTA2. I have yet to play a single game. I fire it up, and then just spectate. I've watched a couple hours of people playing, but I still don't know any of the heros, skills, or items. I can't remember if it was HON or LOL (or both) but I was able to play a game with just bots to learn the different heros, but I don't see this option in DOTA2. Where there is a coop mode I guess but it requires more players." [by Slowtreme]

  • "Kingdom Rush. I consider myself a hardcore gamer but this iPad tower defense game has got its teeth in me big time. It's so rare that I want to finish a game these days and even though I've beat the main story line, I'm very motivated to get all the remaining stars. Anyone else? " [by chiquiznaque]

Nightly file:

  • Pulse Shift demo 1.0 for Windows. "Pulse Shift is a puzzle-platforming FPS which allows players to control and cheat physics. The game allows to play with physics, gravity and manipulating time. Primary goal is find right way and get to the arrow location as fast as possible. It is a game where you finding, trying, jumping, collecting, avoiding, thinking, running and trying again. It is 3d puzzle game where you really playing with three dimensions." Download the demo for here.


DmC: Devil May Cry launch trailer:

Dante is back from Capcom and Ninja Theory with the rebooted DmC: Devil May Cry.

Celebrate the return of professional hockey with a new NHL 13 trailer, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 gets historic with a brand new trailer.

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    January 15, 2013 4:30 PM

    Tyler J. Smith posted a new article, Late Night Computing: January 15, 2013.

    In which Late Night Computing for January 15, 2013 discusses the relevance of Tuesday's existence.

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      January 16, 2013 11:27 AM

      As the song, "Switch into Glide", says, "Nothing matters but the weekend - from a Tuesday point of view."!