Open source project retrofits Oculus Rift for older games

An open source project is adding Oculus Rift functionality to older games like Mirror's Edge, Portal 2, and Skyrim.


Oculus Rift promises to bring virtual reality to games like Hawken. But what about games that are already out? An open source project is proposing its own solution. The "Vireio Perception" project provides a stereo 3D driver with head tracking that can match the Oculus Rift optics. It already works with a handful of games ranging from Left 4 Dead to Mirror's Edge.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the tool set is free and open source, so Oculus Rift owners will be able to start trying it immediately. Mirror's Edge is just one of the hurk-inducing experiences. The full list of playable titles so far includes Portal 2, AaaaAAaaAAA!!!, Half-Life 2, Skyrim, Unreal Tournament 3, Dear Esther, and Dirt 2.

The creators have been sharing details on the Meant To Be Seen forums, if you're interested in taking it for a spin.

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