Beyond: Two Souls will be an international journey

"Heavy Rain was set in Philadelphia, while Beyond will be set all around the world," creator David Cage told us about his upcoming PS3 adventure.


America. As evidenced by Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, David Cage, founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, is creatively drawn to the good ol' US of A. He returns to America for his next game, Beyond: Two Souls, and we had to ask him: what makes America so appealing?

"I think America is a very interesting country," he told us. "It's where all current legends are built and told."

That being said, Beyond will be a much bigger game than its predecessor. "Beyond is probably more international than Heavy Rain was. Heavy Rain was set in Philadelphia, while Beyond will be set all around the world," he said. "Although it's mainly based in America, you will explore different locations. You will travel much more. It's going to be a journey in a physical sense, and an emotional sense."

When questioned about why Beyond is using a brand new engine, instead of simply reusing the one created for Heavy Rain, Cage told us that he's, simply put, insane. "We're just crazy people. We don't do this for money or fame. We want to take risks because we enjoy trying to push the envelope," he told us. "Does it make sense from a company point of view? Not really, to be honest. Being the CEO of the company, I can tell you that it's totally absurd. But we enjoy it so much. We're a team of passionate people. This is 'what we should have done,' but we've done something else."

Andrew Yoon was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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