Humble Indie Bundle 7 adds three more games

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 added three more games today: Cave Story +, Offspring Fling, and The Basement Collection.


The Humble Indie Bundle 7 launched last week, packing four full games, two extras for beating the average, and a movie. If you passed up on that deal, though, the bundle may tempt you back today with the addition of three more games.

Today, the bundle added The Basement Collection, Cave Story +, and Offspring Fling, plus all of their associated soundtracks. The Basement Collection is itself a compilation of experimental games from Team Meat's Edmund McMillen, including Triachnid, Coil, the original Meat Boy, Aether, Grey-Matter, Spewer, and Time Fcuk.

Like Dungeon Defenders and Legend of Grimrock, those games and musical selections are reserved for those who pay above the average, which currently stands at approximately $6.50.

The Humble Bundle 7 also includes Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac with Wrath of the Lamb DLC, Closure, Shank 2, and Indie Game: The Movie. It expires next Wednesday.

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